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    A Foundation of Service

    Action Fastenings was born on April Fools’ Day in 1989 by Clay Erlandson. Many wondered how foolish he was for taking a chance on starting our company. However, he knew that if he provided great customer service to his customers, he would have something to build on long-term. The tireless work ethic and the drive to keep growing the company all started with a foundation of service.

    The Right Product at the Right Time

    A contractor needs to know that their supplier will get them the right product at the right time. We have over 60 manufacturer partners that assure that we can do just that. We partner with the top names in the industry that only manufacture top of the line, contractor grade products. We work with the contractor to make sure they have the right fastener, tool, or safety product for their job.

    Expertise that is Second to None

    Our focus is clear. We deal with commercial contractors. We understand what we sell and who our customers are. Because of that focus, our Expertise is second to none. Need to know the right concrete anchor or epoxy to use on a specific application? Call us. Want to figure out the right screw to attach exterior sheeting to structural studs? Call us. You wouldn’t call an electrician to fix your broken plumbing pipes, right? Then why would you go to a big box store for your fasteners and tools.

    Need the right tools for the job?
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